Luigia Sorrentino, tre poesie

Luigia Sorrentino

By Luigia Sorrentino

they’d beaten him with kicks and punches
violently, on his back
they’d entered into the cocoon
of his dignity

they’d come for his ashy
they’d held him in their arms
with no reaction

he smelt of flowers with no response

his cardiac beat
the voice of the universe
lost in the ocean


strength grips his clothes
his flesh
it jerks and drags
his body

it pulls it up from its armpits
it sits it up
it moves foot and thigh behind the pelvis
it falls back and sits behind its shoulders

it keeps it close between its legs,
it envelopes it with its arms
it lets the pain slip down
along its back

muddy eyes breathe
in its belly
fatal buried
intimate love


the street is visible from the glass
a glossy murky
its eyes wide open

it’s hungry at night

the weightless smell of rain
has hit the hidden body
the smell comes from below

the soles of the shoes
haven’t worn out
the unfamiliar
depth of seeing

Traduzione di Giorgia Sensi

di Luigia Sorrentino

l’avevano picchiato con calci e pugni
colpi violenti inferti sulla schiena
erano entrati nel bozzolo
della dignità

erano venuti a cercare i suoi occhi
l’avevano tenuto fra le braccia
senza risposta

odorava di fiori senza più ritorno

perduta nell’oceano
la frequenza cardiaca
la voce dell’universo Continua a leggere